Online English classes

Austcountry Education can offer you Online English classes at a time and day that suits each individual.

Our lessons cover all aspects of English abilities, including reading, listening, writing and speaking. We provide a pressure-free classroom environment which allows students to engage with their teacher in a fun and creative way. Our teachers tend to encourage and inspire students in their learning journey, assisting students in developing their interest in the English language. As we believe that once students are self-motivated in English study, they can keep up consistency and sustain their learning and lead to success eventually.

Classes can be for one or up to five students at a time and we are very flexible about the type of English being taught.

General English – Suitable for students ages from 6+. This course is aimed to build up a strong foundation of students English language ability. Engaging with our friendly teachers will enhance the students’ confidence in English and develop a learning habit. We provide lesson feedback regularly to each student, including the individual’s learning progress and advising study strategy and supporting students with additional learning materials.     

IELTS Preparation – This is a short-term course; our teachers are specialized in IELTS exam preparation or/and were formal IELTS examiners. This course provides students with the exam techniques and knowledge which generally will boost students IELTS result by 0.5 – 1 point in a short- term timeframe.   We offer flexibility for our course; all lessons can be delivered by 1:1 tutorial or in the group. The course curriculum is designed based on request and evaluation on student’s placement tests. All teachers are native English speaker and qualified and experienced in English teaching. We will match the teacher to suit the students best needs and available for your proposed lesson timetable.   

For more information please email us – and one of our staff will get back in touch to discuss your requirements.